Blue Ridge 
Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Blue Ridge 
Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Blue Ridge 
Bernese Mountain Dog Club
The Blue Ridge Bernese Mountain Dog Club
A "Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America" Regional Club

Webmaster: Trillium BMD

2016 Annual meeting December 3 in the Wake Forest, NC

                               Click here for the flyer and details ->>>

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Bernese Mountain Dog Club, established in 1997 to bring members from the Carolinas together to laugh, love and learn, and to help serve the future of our beloved breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Looking to buy a puppy? Caring for a Berner puppy is a big responsibility. Please visit our pages "About BMDs" and "BMD Ownership" to learn more about this breed and what owning one will mean to you and your family. 

Have you considered giving a rescue dog a forever home? Visit our rescue page to see what is involved.

Come meet and play with us, and then join our club! New members are always welcome. We are a very active club and enjoy bringing new folks into the fold. The more the merrier! Our "Membership" page has more information and an application. 

Calendar Events
Fun and informative get togethers. The BRBMDC offers a variety of club activities throughout the year - group walks, tailgait picnics, get togethers at shows and more! Nearly all are open to members AND friends of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Check out our "Calendar" page for more information about this years activities. 

Rescue in the southeast has become critical thanks to irresponsible breeders, puppy mills and pet stores (also, puppy mill puppies). Our rescue coordinator can give you details on breeders here in the SE who have contributed to our load.

If you are interested in possibly adopting one of our rescues please read through our rescue information  by clicking here. Our rescue coordinator would love to hear from you. She always has her ear to the ground looking for dogs who need our help and can help advise you as to rescue availability and whether or not this is a path you should walk. 

Also, check in with the Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club to see what might be available through them.
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